YUS Drops Ethereal New Single “A Way Out”

YUS Drops Ethereal New Single “A Way Out”

Los Angeles-based Belgian American artist YUS releases his new single, “A Way Out,” the second of a series of singles leading up to his forthcoming album, Hyperspiritual, slated for release in the Spring of 2023.

Talking about “A Way Out,” YUS shares, “It is a song I originally created in April 2012, as an ode to my girlfriend at the time. We’d been in a romantic relationship for about 5 months, and though I believe we were both happy with each other, some question marks were beginning to arise. I wanted to tell her that I was open to pursuing the relationship however she wanted, be it romantically, or as friends. I just wanted her around.”

He goes on, “I was also struggling with being myself around her, which I believe is what she truly wanted, as opposed to being someone I was not in order to keep the relationship going. She wanted me, so why couldn’t I just be that? I think I was fairly impressionable in my late teens and early 20s and came across a lot of relationship advice as a result of living on the internet, I was trying to let go of all of the stuff I’d read and try to look within instead. I still struggle with some of these things today.”

YUS, aka Youceff Kabal, was born in Brussels and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. His sound amalgamates elements of dream-pop, alternative, chillwave, indie-pop, and electronic music. With more than one million streams, YUS released his debut single, “Nowadays,” in 2012. Since then, YUS has released three albums, as well as an array of singles.

“A Way Out” opens on low-slung quivering tones topped by YUS’s ethereal voice, imbuing the lyrics with wistful timbres. A pulsating, syncopated rhythm adds a gentle, rumbling cadence to the tune as plush washes of dream-pop textures flow overhead.

With “A Way Out,” YUS delivers alluring harmonics, soft and sensitive, along with a bewitching rhythm, crowned by delicious, dreamy vocals.

YUS returns to the stage for a headline concert on November 13 at 1720 in Los Angeles.

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