Discover the Shoegaze Magic of “Raised In The Shades” by Some Distant Memory

Discover the Shoegaze Magic of “Raised In The Shades” by Some Distant Memory

Have you checked out Some Distant Memory’s music yet? If not, you’re in for a treat. This musical project, spearheaded by the talented Jasper Ian Albrecht and featuring a unique blend of lo-fi, shoegaze, and electronic elements, has been steadily capturing the hearts of listeners with its nostalgic yet innovative soundscapes. Their latest work, particularly the track “Raised In The Shades,” is a testament to their evolving artistry and captivating musical journey.

I stumbled upon “Raised In The Shades” while exploring some new music online, and I was immediately hooked. This track is a part of the album “Reflections,” released in June 2023, and it stands out as one of the most definitive recent songs by Some Distant Memory. The song marks Nora‘s vocal debut and is a continuation of the minimalistic, midi-tinged style first introduced in “Another One” from the Archetype album. However, “Raised In The Shades” pushes the boundaries with its faster pace and less minimalistic approach, incorporating the signature sequencer sounds from the lo-fi trilogy that fans have come to love.

The creation process of “Raised In The Shades” is as intriguing as the song itself. The track features a beautifully toned, retro Chinese ‘Hin Hong’ keyboard, sourced from a thrift shop, which adds a distinct shoegazy guitar texture. This small but mighty instrument plays a crucial role in the song’s unique sound. Additionally, the track includes contributions from the NORS MMORPG gaming clan, who added minimal but noteworthy clarinet notes and beatbox samples, giving the song a unique flair. Although these contributors couldn’t continue their musical commitments, their brief involvement left an indelible mark on the track. The lyrics, influenced by the singing styles of other participants and referencing “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, were finally brought to life by Jasper’s impressive voice impressions and speech synthesis, featuring Count Gaius, a recurring character in the NORS universe.

Raised In The Shades” is the second track on the first half of the “Reflections” album. This project is a milestone for Some Distant Memory, highlighting Jasper’s solo endeavors and his collaborations with fictional animated bandmates like the mascot Nora. The album continues to build on the rich tapestry of sounds and stories that Jasper has crafted over the years, with tracks that explore various themes and musical styles. The voice of Nora against the backdrop of shoegazed electronics might come across as one of the best parts of the song, and it is remembered and utilized in “Beauty Untouched” to follow.

If you haven’t yet experienced “Raised In The Shades,” now is the perfect time to dive into Some Distant Memory‘s music. The track is a beautiful blend of nostalgia and innovation, showcasing the project’s growth and creative evolution. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new listener, this song and the entire “Reflections” album are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Check out “Raised In The Shades” and let yourself be transported into the mesmerizing world of Some Distant Memory. You won’t regret it!

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