True love is most genuine when you are valued solely for who you are. TaniA Kyllikki introduces her newest track, “I Struck Gold With You.”

True love is most genuine when you are valued solely for who you are. TaniA Kyllikki introduces her newest track, “I Struck Gold With You.”

TaniA Kyllikki’s latest hit, “I Struck Gold With You,” beautifully depicts her enchanting love tale with her husband, singer and music producer Rynellton. The emotive atmosphere it emits emphasises the thrill she finds in their real-life fairy tale romance. Despite living in different countries, the brilliant duo has been collaborating on TaniA’s music releases for years. In June 2023, they got married

Rynellton has offered vital assistance to TaniA, who courageously disclosed her challenges with health and personal matters in her music and interviews. She has become an inspiration for others, motivating them to follow their objectives independently, despite obstacles. She has a determined personality that her fans like.

This new tune exudes a rejuvenating and inspiring atmosphere. TaniA’s heart is now filled with the love she has always longed for, as evidenced by lines such as “You make me feel so comfortable, I can be just who I am.” TaniA’s new single is a tightly focused song that showcases her heartfelt writing and performance. This single is a stellar indication that her upcoming second album, “Free-Spirited,” will make headlines.

Rynellton’s music production for “I Struck Gold With You” beautifully matches TaniA’s strong vocals, resulting in a breathtaking theatrical experience. TaniA’s voice is the centrepiece of the song, seamlessly shifting between verses to provide an effortless and fascinating experience. Her songs demonstrated her prowess as a storyteller and singer.

“I Struck Gold With You” was launched on February 9th by Awe-Inspiring Records. Jamaal Davis and TaniA Kyllikki are the sound engineers responsible for the recording. Phil Dust, a proficient engineer, DJ, and musician, administered the final mix and mastering. Garry D. Hairston, better known as Rynellton, is a proficient musician and music producer responsible for handling the entire music production process. TaniA Kyllikki has made notable contributions to the composition as a proficient sound engineer, lyricist, and performer of lead and supporting vocals. The single also included her own images, which she took herself.

This showcases TaniA Kyllikki’s beautiful voice and skill as a songwriter,  delivering a lasting impression. Be sure to add “I Struck Gold With You” to your playlists. It’s an ideal song for couples to devote to one another in celebration of love.

I Struck Gold With You

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