MisterWives Shares Lifted Lyrical Anthem for Self-Reclamation with “Wrongside”

MisterWives Shares Lifted Lyrical Anthem for Self-Reclamation with “Wrongside”

Under their artist owned label Resilient Little Records, platinum indie-pop quintet MisterWives releases their dizzy, deep-cut anthem “Wrongside”, about the critical inner-ego and toxic internal dialogue that often holds us back from reaching our highest potential.

Featuring a loopy, downward spiral resemblant guitar riff, 1980s choral backup vocals, and cryptically blunt lyricism, MisterWives tugs at the critical nature that comes with being human. Lead singer and songwriter Mandy Lee characterizes the voice in her head as the “wrong side” which often obstructs the beauty in reality and traps her in a cycle of self-doubt. MisterWives wrote “Wrongside” as an anthem for breaking out of that internal purgatory. Mandy confides, “I hope ‘Wrongside’ feels like a friend to anyone who struggles being kind to their mind.” Despite the raw lyrics and darkly reflective content, ‘”Wrongside” remains electrically upbeat with notes of feel-good nostalgia and subdued reverberations. “Wrongside” finds humanity in self-deprecation and beacons light for getting out of our toxic self cycle.

MisterWives has over 500+ million streams and has performed for Bottlerock, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Late Night With Seth Meyers, GMA, Central Park Summerstage, and alongside Twenty One Pilots. After starting their own imprint label Resilient Little Records under Photo Finish Records/ Virgin Music, MisterWives is excited to dive into an era of artistic freedom and original sound.

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