Mashville Releases Electrifying Debut Single/Music Video “Rise Up”

Mashville Releases Electrifying Debut Single/Music Video “Rise Up”

Pop collective Mashville recently released their debut single/music video, “Rise Up,” a dance-pop anthem empowering positive social change. Mashville’s live debut is set for October 25th in Los Angeles, with a special Breaking Sound evening showcase at Madame Siam

Made up of Nova Chez, Ari Zizzo, Jada Arnell, Caleb Minter, and Sian Michelle, on “Rise Up,” Jada Arnell and Caleb Minter assert their dynamic voices.

Talking about “Rise Up,” Arnell shares, “I like making bold statements, trying to think outside of the box, while also staying true to who I am. I just want people to always feel comfortable being them. Whether that be expressing yourself, storytelling, being in tune with your sexuality and living life as an unapologetic person. You shouldn’t feel sorry for being YOU.”

After the terrible murder of his brother, vocalist Caleb Minter felt compelled to pursue music and community action.

Minter explains the significance of the song, “I felt called to allow my hurt to inspire others to love through tragedy, so I created M.A.G.N.U.M, an educational movement to prevent gun violence. I live to inspire, so I’m excited to share our gifts of love while creating unforgettable experiences.”

“Rise Up” opens on a potent piano topped by Minter’s evocative voice. As the harmonics elevate, the tune flows into a contagious dance-pop rhythm, while Arnell’s delicious, soaring vocals imbue the lyrics with buoyant energy and lustrous timbres. Radiant, glowing harmonies give the song luminous depth and dimension.

“We’re here to rise up / Open your eyes, I’ll shine a little bit o’ light your way / All we got to do is come together / And we can rise up / Open your eyes, I’ll shine a little bit o’ light your way / Love ain’t just the answer, it’s everything.”

The video, directed by Ben Samuels, depicts younger versions of three of Mashville’s members traveling through the darkness of mental health, violence, grief, addiction, and bullying. As the story unfolds, the five members of Mashville perform on stage, demonstrating the transformative power of empathy.

Surging with luscious layers of pop momentum and dazzling vocals, “Rise Up” delivers a powerful message and hits the musical sweet spot.

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