Eliza Legzdina drops hotly-anticipated four-track EP ‘Silver Linings’

Eliza Legzdina drops hotly-anticipated four-track EP ‘Silver Linings’

Following on from the release of her 2020 debut EP ‘Iron Curtain Golden Pussy’, Eliza Legzdina has returned with four songs that direct the lyrical and production prowess of one of the best unsung heroes of the music scene.

You’d be crazy to think that you’re going to understand who Eliza is as an artist or that just four-tracks would be enough to get to know an artist, however, after listening to this EP in its entirety, it’s not hard to see how Eliza has caught the attention of new listeners.

In this four-track EP, you’re getting Eliza at her best, as she showcases some of the best, wittiest dialogue and sounds; kicking down the musical door with ‘Composure’, a song that showcases her soulful, high-energy-pop-jam side that immediately sets the tone fpr the rest of the song. Following that, you’ve got ‘Grateful Zombie’, which is an empowering hypnotic, R&B-inspired anthem, that sees the London native guide the listener into the sublime world of ‘Something Coming’, mixing together modern production with Eliza’s endearing vocals. Closing out the EP is her smash hit ‘Realgirl’, an infectious bop that ensures the EP finishes on a high and wanting more.

Eliza is a larger-than-life artist that easily channels a sound that continues to draw inspiration from an assortment of electronic, rap, alt-R&B and more, and all of those elements evidently shine through a solid product and offering into what she has to offer as an artist.

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