These 11 Convenient Period Products Are the Move the Next Time You Travel

These 11 Convenient Period Products Are the Move the Next Time You Travel

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When you book a vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is your period — especially with piña coladas on your mind. But sometimes, life happens. Of course, the goal is to discover your period is conveniently set to arrive a week before your vacation, but timing doesn’t always work out that way. Fortunately, Aunt Flo doesn’t have to completely wreak havoc on your plans.

Thanks to a growing menstrual-care industry, there are a ton of convenient and travel-friendly period products out there that you can pack in both your carry-on and suitcase to make managing your period easier.

Don’t want to worry about constantly having a pad or tampon in your purse? You can switch to a menstrual disc or cup that can be used for up to 12 hours at a time. Want to fight off the feelings of intense menstrual cramps? Try a period patch. Feeling bloated? Have a travel-friendly water bottle handy to stay hydrated, which can help alleviate the annoying PMS symptom.

Luckily, these are just a few of the period-care products out there that can make traveling while menstruating a way less stressful (and much more comfortable) experience. Keep scrolling to check out even more.