I’m Done Gatekeeping These $29 CBD Sleep Gummies – Here’s Why You Need Them

I’m Done Gatekeeping These $29 CBD Sleep Gummies – Here’s Why You Need Them

Gummy supplements are a little controversial. As reported by a former POPSUGAR contributor, they often contain added sugars and oftentimes don’t contain as many nutrients as they claim on the label. I’m fully aware of this, yet I’ll be honest: I love gummies. I know it would probably be more effective and nutritious to ingest my daily supplements in pill form, but the truth is that as an apparent child at heart, the candy-like texture and flavor are what get me to take them. The same goes for Highline Wellness CBD Nighttime Gummies For Sleep ($29), which I’ve been a mega fan of since 2020 (the brand’s been around since 2019, FYI). Ahead, I break down everything you need to know about them to determine whether you need to incorporate them into your nighttime routine, too.

What I Like About These Gummies

Admittedly, my fiancé and I nicknamed these gummies “bed candy” because they’re just that: a treat. They are, hands-down, the best-tasting sleep supplement gummies I’ve ever tried (and for the record, I’ve tried them all). They taste like fruity blue raspberry candy, and unlike a lot of other gummies I’ve tried, the texture is perfect – not hard or sticky. They’re super soft, pillowy, and easy to chew.

Another thing I like love about these gummies is that they not only make me sleepy, but make me feel relaxed, too. As someone who stares at a computer screen all day, I sometimes find that I still feel wired when bedtime rolls around. I don’t take these gummies every night, but I do take them when I slip into bed feeling wide awake. After taking one containing 10 mg of hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD), they make me feel noticeably tired within a half-hour. When I wake up in the morning, I feel well-rested, not groggy.

What’s Worth Noting About These Gummies

Don’t let the brand name fool you: These gummies contain zero THC (the psychoactive ingredient that makes you feel “high.”) Nonetheless, hundreds of shoppers attest that they’ve helped them sleep. “I absolutely love these gummies,” writes a reviewer. “I take one right before bed and it gently lulls me to sleep, and I never feel groggy in the morning.” Another said: “I have had chronic insomnia for over 20 years. Or, perhaps, I should say ‘had.’ Since using these nighttime gummies, suggested by my daughter, I am getting consistently better sleep.” (A word: Consult with your doctor if you’re having sleep issues to determine the best course of action; melatonin might not be the answer).

Who Are These Gummies Best For?

These CBD gummies are best for those looking for a one-off solution to getting sleepy or catching some zen at the end of the day. The brand says they also may help tame intense snoring, or help you relax during plane travel.

Additional Details

  • These gummies are available in a 10mg option and a 20mg option.
  • If you’re curious about all of the brand’s supplements, consider scooping up the Gummies Sampler ($60, originally $87) if you want to try them all.

Where Are These Gummies Available?

Highline Wellness is a direct-to-consumer brand, meaning, they’re solely available for purchase on the Highline Wellness website.