Renraku Global Releases New Compilation Album – ‘INFOHAZARD’

Renraku Global Releases New Compilation Album – ‘INFOHAZARD’

Renraku Global imprint just released their newest 12-track compilation, entitled INFOHAZARD, featuring tracks by HØST, Vhsceral, N², ALEPH, Nu Partial, Sabroi, INTERCPT, Ankou, Boingo Hotspot, and XOXOXOXO.

According to Renraku Global, “The idea of an infohazard has been discussed in certain circles of computer science and philosophy. To summarize briefly: an infohazard is a piece of information that can be damaging to the recipient (for instance: instructions on how to crash your computer hard drive). Running with that concept and applying it to music, the intent is to highlight and showcase music that fully realizes what is possible within electronic music – setting the bar higher in an already hyper-competitive landscape. Renraku has always strived to push the culture of electronic music forward, to break boundaries, and to showcase what is possible at the absolute cutting edge; ‘INFOHAZARD’ is our latest milestone in highlighting that.”

Since its formation in 2016, Renraku Global has been continually devoted to pushing next-generation sound and vision of the highest caliber. Beginning with a focus on experimental music from artists with little to no following, Renraku’s exponential growth in the scene has helped establish its familiarity to a dedicated audience looking for a fresh approach to artistic content.

INFOHAZARD begins with sv1’s “Caustic,” opening on glitching, digital sounds, followed by expanding gleaming leitmotifs and a measured rhythm. Totally avant-garde, there’s an alluring melodic flow to the tonal structure.

Highlights include “Nebulae,” from Nu Partial, which travels on a heavy industrial rhythm topped by swirling colors and oscillating textures, forming a kaleidoscopic effect brimming with exotic flavors.

ALEPH’s “Paradigm” conveys the feeling of being on an alien planet, occupied by dazzling logarithmic spirals of energy and sounds, at once glitchy and vibrating. Whereas Vhsceral’s “Ragequit” seethed with dark throbbing layers, providing a matrix for luminous booping tones and heaving subterranean timbres.

A personal favorite, Boingo Hotspot’s “›???????????,” rolls out on dense shimmering washes of effervescing coloration, both dark and light as tight, finessed percussion infuses the rhythm with syncopated cadence.

N² delivers a gorgeously rumbling rhythm on “STASIS DEMON,” injecting the harmonics with intense, frenetic dynamics as lustrous filaments of sound form impressive trajectories overhead.

Ranging from ozone sonic mists to pulverizing booms to melodic interludes, INFOHAZARD displays the beguiling potential of electronic music.

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