Peppermint Heaven Releases Dazzling “Find The Light Inside”

Peppermint Heaven Releases Dazzling “Find The Light Inside”

Los Angeles-based duo Peppermint Heaven unveils their new single, “Find The Light Inside,” an appetizer for their forthcoming EP, Poptropolis.

Speaking about the song, Peppermint Heaven shares, “‘Find The Light Inside’ speaks to the ability of everyone to find joy, inspiration, enlightenment within.  It’s a very spiritual song enveloped in swirling synths and set to an ‘80s beat.  We feel our fans will love it!”

Made up of Juno (vocals, keyboards) and Spark (vocals, bass, drums), Peppermint Heaven arrived in a big way in 2014, releasing their debut single, “Plenty of Time.” Since then, they have released multiple albums, EPs, singles, and remixes, amassing more than 10 million Spotify streams.

In 2016, Peppermint Heaven dropped their debut album, Precious Things, followed by 2017’s Curious Things, and 2018’s Perfect Things.

Peppermint Heaven has collaborated on remixes with artists such as Full Intention, Moto Blanco, Lynx, FNP, AM2PM, Seamus Haji, Almighty, Chords, Danvers, Oscurco, and Revaux. Their 2020 EPs Red Balloons, Dreams, and New Sensation were supported by remixes from Crackazat, DRYVE, Oscuro, Mark Lower, and the renowned Chris Cox.

“Find The Light Insider” travels on lush, gleaming layers of modern pop flavors blended with retro new wave tangs. A galloping-lite rhythm gives the tune a beguiling cadence as alluring, silky-smooth vocals imbue the lyrics with dream-like textures. Glittering, jangly guitars fill the harmonics with luminous accents and glossy tinctures.

In the solo section, intertwining leitmotifs infuse the tune with heady, diaphanous savors, followed by weightless, lustrous vocals.

Shimmering with luscious washes of pop and new wave elements, “Find The Light Inside” glows with captivating surfaces and superb vocals.

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