Louis Tomlinson Feels Excited Being A Solo Artist

Louis Tomlinson Feels Excited Being A Solo Artist

This is truly Louis Tomlinson and his Louies’ year so far and we cannot stress it enough. If we want to describe it perfectly, it would be Louis Tomlinson World Domination. British singer-songwriter and Guinness World Record holder Louis Tomlinson is very unique from any other artist in the music industry. He is the festival boss, a true lyricist and a perfect artist from every angle. His every word is musical to our ears. We feel bad for those who have not yet discovered a pure soul like him.

Since the One Direction days, he has been attracting fans’ eyes because of his charming personality,
angelic voice tone, incredible sense of songwriting talent, and adorable way of treating his fans. Since then, he has not changed a bit. Rather, he has developed more as an individual artist. He is a charming boy with a big heart.

His latest single “Bigger Than Me” from his sophomore album “Faith In The Future” is a song of being hopeful and care less about others’ opinions. He is always very open about himself and his relationship with his fans. According to him, everything he does is about his fans. He has dedicated his latest single to his fans.

Bigger Than Me Project

We all know how Louis and Louies share extra special relationship. We cannot stay one day without listening to his voice. This is incredible how his fans from every part of the world come together to show him support. This is truly mesmerizing. They create fan projects by
themselves and introduce his songs to the ones who do not know him.
He always says that he has got a unique fan-base and his fans
continue to prove that in every way possible. Fans from all across the
world have started a project with his latest single which is called
‘Bigger Than Me Project’ where two teams are there – one is Team
Faith and the other is Team Future. They work as a team. They even
have created a separate fan account called FITFproject to control
projects related to his album. This shows how much Louis and his
music mean to them.

Louis Tomlinson, a solo artist

Louis straightforwardly opens up about himself being a
solo artist every time. He said, “It’s exciting… It’s just a very fulfilling feeling,
honestly.” He said that the tour has helped him to develop more as an
artist. He does not feel less confident as he says that he is blessed with
his amazing fans who support him always. His solo career has given him more access to create music that he loves. He cares for his fans so much and leaves no chance to mention it.

For him, “Tour is black and white. What you see is what you get.” As a performer and a
songwriter, he is feeling more confident, and comfortable. His solo
career has given him an immense amount of confidence and he has
got a better understanding of who he is. When we scream “For every question why, you’re my because’, we feel complete and satisfied because Louis is truly our because for every question. He is our everyday habit that cannot be broken.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson is a fresh air in this world of greed. He is like the oxygen to our life. He carries tenderness wherever he goes. Not only his lyrics, and music but also his personality make him bigger than anything else. His every lyric is genuinely relevant to our life situations. He radiates simplicity, positivity, and honesty which will be engraved forever in out hearts. He shares a very special relationship with his fans that makes him a hero in real life. Today’s generation gets inspiration from him. He is a true idol. He not only sings but gives ample opportunities to uprising artists.

His upcoming album ‘Faith In The Future’ is set to release on 11th November. The title of the album is sounding already so hopeful. We cannot wait for the album and his next tour which is ‘pretty soon’ according to Louis.

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