Liverpool’s best Indie label does it again, The Big Condo Records Weekender

 Liverpool’s best Indie label does it again, The Big Condo Records Weekender

The Big Condo Records Weekender Festival was fantastic for upcoming bands and artists, even more so for gig-goers looking to find their next favourite act. We spoke to a few people who said more than anything else it seems like the Big Condo Records atmosphere puts a fantastic spin on it. Laid back and joyous atmosphere. You can see the whole Big Condo Records team are there to help, and we couldn’t wait to see what was on offer throughout the weekend.

Small Talk

The Weekender opened with Midlands-based indie pop band Nova Bloom with an amazing set to prepare us for a weekend full of entertainment. The highlights for the opening day were Kiera Marsland, Small Talk, Frank and the Barrytones and Black Smoke those that we saw.  Sadly you can’t be at every venue at once. The Big Condo Records Weekender is 9 Stages with 100 acts over 3 days. The opening night was hailed a success as the crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves. This is one of the few festivals able to claim they have something for everyone. The World of pop, folk, country, indie, rock, metal, jazz, rap and whatever genre you can think of. We saw artists and bands travelling from all over to perform – from London, Newcastle, Bradford, Bristol and as far away as Italy; we even saw Italian folk artist Valentina perform on Sunday at the Refreshment stage and she was fantastic! 

Empire Police

On Saturday we got to see Niamh Ward who was angelic, and then Shopfront who was fantastic.  We caught amazing sets from Charliee and Adam Pennington as well as Maia Rowan and the Yellows who closed off the Quantum Stereo stage for the night.  Saturday was filled with alternative music for people with interests with a taste for World Music, where artists performing during the Weekender ranged in cultures.  3 days of non-stop music, we were all mightily impressed.  Highlights on Sunday were Southern-based band Isla Rico, Olivia Booth, Miss Stylie, Donno, Brian Hobbs, Ugly Jumper and Bobby Lowry. Many amazing bands and artists took to the stage over the three days and we have heard so many amazing reviews.  Hopefully, we’ll get to catch up with the ones we missed. So much dancing and fun over the 3 days – we can’t wait until the Big Condo Records Weekender 2024!

We got some quotes from the artists and bands about the weekender ; 

Nova Bloom – “The Big Condo Records Weekender represents everything the music industry needs right now”

Charliee – “Truly amazing, not only was it soo much fun to perform but seeing the other amazing acts and getting to network with new people was just incredible” 

Dead and Buried – “Great night, great music, even greater people”

Valentina – “I flew all the way to Liverpool from Italy to perform at the Big Condo Weekender. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase my music and meet many other talented artists. I’m hoping to perform again next year” 

Skint – “Absolutely amazing energy, we had a boss time, both the band and our fans, would love to play again”

We can’t wait for next year.

Carl Darkins