Lavendine Releases Beautiful “Finding My Way Home”

Lavendine Releases Beautiful “Finding My Way Home”

Oklahoma-based twin sisters and singer-songwriters Jana and Jacy Ayers, aka Lavendine, recently dropped their single, “Finding My Way Home.”

Produced by Ed Seay (Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Blake Shelton) and co-produced and mixed by Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers), “Find My Way Home’s” genesis occurred when Jacy awoke after surgery.

Jacy shares, “I literally woke up singing the song, with an almost guttural cry and tears rolling down my face. It was as if God gave me the melody in my sleep. Jana and I had been suffering so much with the pain from this infection. I believe it happened to get us through these valleys and give us hope as if to tell us, ‘You’re not going to die. I’m with you, and you will be okay.’”

She goes on, “I felt like God reached in and touched my soul as a reminder that heaven isn’t just a place we go after we die, but an experience that is already part of and in our souls. To me as a Christian, the song is certainly about finding our way home to heaven, however, we choose to understand that, but it’s also important that people also feel that it’s about discovering a sense of hope inside of each of us no matter our specific beliefs.”

The surgery was the result of the aftereffects of root canals both sisters underwent. They experienced flu-like symptoms for years. Attempts at implants were rejected. At one point, the infection got so bad that they went to Baylor University Medical Center to get both jaw joints replaced.

Since then, Lavendine the duo has scored three Top 25 A/C radio singles on both Mediabase A/C and Billboard A/C charts. “Rapture” reached the Top 25 in September 2020, followed in 2021 by “Open Up A Window” and “Here to You.” All three songs have been featured in the Artist Spotlight on the Jim Brickman national radio show, airing in 80 markets.

“Finding My Way Home” rolls out on shimmering tones topped by the sisters’ creamy, translucent voices. Then the tune shifts from its atmospheric feel to delicious layers of alt-rock-lite with hints of dance filaments running through it.

Jana and Jacy’s silky vocals imbue the lyrics with spellbinding textures and lustrous timbres.

“It’s in your soul / Where nobody goes / The only place you call home / Who cares if they know you’re clinging to hope / And the strength you hold inside / I guess for now / I’ll keep finding my way home /My way home…home.”

Gorgeously wrought, “Finding My Way Home” drips with bewitching layers of sound and the luscious voices of Lavendine.

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