Is “Halloween Ends” Really the Last of Michael Myers? Here’s How the Film Ends

Is “Halloween Ends” Really the Last of Michael Myers? Here’s How the Film Ends

HALLOWEEN ENDS, from left: Jamie Lee Curtis, James Jude Courtney, 2022. ph: Ryan Green / Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection
Jamie Lee Curtis promised that “Halloween Ends” would live up to the promise of its title: that the movie would end the Halloween franchise, the story of the villainous Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) and his constant victim, Laurie Strode (Curtis). The new movie was released in theaters and on Peacock on Oct. 14, so now we know if it lived up to that promise. Whether you’re a longtime fan who wants to revisit the ending or you’re a bit of a horror scaredy cat who just wants to know if Michael Myers is really gone for good, we’re breaking it down ahead.

In “Halloween Ends,” Michael Myers spends most of the movie in a rat-infested, abandoned sewer. He seems to be in a weakened state, but he can still pull victims in to kill them. When he attacks Corey (Rohan Campbell), however, he doesn’t kill him. Instead, through some sort of supernatural power, he unlocks the evil in Corey. It’s never really clear if Myers is straight up possessing him or if we’re supposed to think that this is what Corey wants deep down. Nonetheless, Corey — who’s been vilified by the town of Haddonfield for a fatal accident he was involved in — goes on a killing spree, getting revenge on the people who’ve hurt him. Unfortunately, he’s also fallen for Laurie’s granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak), and he convinces her they should run away together.

Allyson goes looking for Corey on Halloween but can’t find him, not knowing that he’s circling the town, taking down his and Allyson’s enemies one by one. His last stop is Laurie’s house. But Laurie tricks him into thinking she’s going to commit suicide, and she shoots him. Realizing he’s a goner, he stabs himself in the neck with a knife. Allyson finds Laurie over Corey’s body with the bloody knife and assumes Laurie killed him. She rushes out.

As Laurie is crying in another room, she realizes the front door is open, and the real Michael Myers is here. They fight in the kitchen, both of them armed with knives and slashing each other. Laurie even reaches for one of her knitting needles, just like she did in the first “Halloween” movie, but he stabs her in the neck with it.

Eventually, though, Laurie gets the upper hand, and she uses a knife to pin him to her kitchen table. She knocks over her refrigerator so it lies on top of him, too. She slashes his throat, but somehow he’s still alive, and he grabs her by the neck, crushing her. But thankfully Allyson has returned, and she saves her grandmother. Together, they slash Michael Myers’s arms, covering themselves and the kitchen in blood.

Is Michael Myers Really Dead at the End of “Halloween Ends”?

This wouldn’t be the first time Myers has been seemingly killed only to return, so the women and the whole police department agree this calls for extreme measures. Laurie and Allyson tie Michael’s body to the top of their car. The police — and soon most of the town — escort them to the mechanic’s junkyard. Laurie, surrounded by the townspeople and some of Myers’s living victims, carries his body into the industrial shredder. Allyson flips the switch, and Myers’s body is shredded into bloody pieces. It’s really over.

We see Laurie and Allyson one more time. Allyson has finally left town, and Laurie is finishing her book about her experiences.

Is “Halloween Ends” the Final Halloween Movie?

There’s no end-credits scene teasing the return of Michael Myers, so it seems this ending is really permanent. Michael Myers is dead. “Halloween Ends,” and the Halloween franchise seemingly ends here.