Grace Kay Unveils Opulent New Single “renaissance”

Grace Kay Unveils Opulent New Single “renaissance”

Los Angeles-based indie-pop singer-songwriter introduces her brand-new single, “renaissance,” the title track to her just-released EP via Trailing Twelve Records. “renaissance” is a song about never giving up despite the circumstances.

Kay explains, “I wrote this on the second day of this year, 2022. It just sort of poured out of me with my writing partner and producer Austin Foley after getting off a long catch-up call with my sister. She had been consoling me…I was in a very raw place, and she reminded me of hope!”

She goes on, “Just as the renaissance emerged from the black plague, my sister found her love for art despite the pandemic we’ve all been suffering through. Past just the pandemic, she had gone to a fairly dark place and managed to create joy and art for herself and a way of healing. She’s always been someone I look up to and this is just one more reason I do.”

The lyrics of “renaissance” speak of traveling through life’s shadows and emerging on the other side, entering a ‘renaissance,’ a period of rebirth and revival.

“The rain has stopped, a simple song / Looking through the mirror all along / Longing for love / A renaissance.”

“renaissance” follows on the heels of Kay’s latest EP, Open, featuring “Here,” showcased on ABC’s A Million Little Things.

Following a subtle, swirling intro, “renaissance” flows into a deliciously creamy, gleaming melody riding a retro rhythm revealing crisp percussion and a fat, rolling bassline. The feel and movement of the tune drip with luscious washes of silky sonic filaments, aglow with glossy textures.

Kay’s crème de la crème voice, velvety and oh-so evocative, imbues the lyrics with honeyed alluring tones, followed by unfolding to spellbinding timbres on the chorus, shimmering with lush surfaces.

Lusciously haunting, on “renaissance,” Grace Kay brandishes her sumptuous voice, along with her gift for songwriting.

Download “renaissance.”

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