Freddie Wahter Releases Swaggering Debut EP ‘3Peat’

Freddie Wahter Releases Swaggering Debut EP ‘3Peat’

New York-based artist Freddie Wahter recently dropped his debut EP, 3Peat, a three-track collection of songs blending R&B with pop-drill.

Teaming up with legendary producer Blaccmass, 3Peat has amassed more than 4 million streams in the past two months.

The son of Ghanaian immigrants, Freddie grew up impoverished amid rampant racism. Even though his parents encouraged him to go into medicine or engineering rather than pursue music, Freddie chose to follow his inner voice and chase his dream.

It paid off. In 2019, he launched Wahter Studio, an imaginative, innovative studio that generates safe space events and showcases BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and LGBTQ+ artists in the fields of art and fashion.

Art, music, and collaboration are the three most potent ingredients in Freddie Wahter’s process. Working in various fields his creative methodology is ever-changing, employing benefits from seemingly disparate fields and fusing them into something fresh.

3Peat begins with “Dragon Ball Freestyle,” opening on an alluring trap rhythm laced with hints of R&B cadence. Freddie’s melodic flow imbues the rhymes with tasty rapping savors as the throbbing bassline and crisp percussion add pulsing beats. As the tune advances, Freddie’s flow takes on rapid-fire surfaces.

“Diamonds cuttin’ my wrists (My wrists) / Same color, it cuttin’ a brick (Let’s go, brick) / I f*cked on this bitch and this bitch (Let’s go, bitch) / I had to go up in my list (My list, okay) / No, no, I don’t take no pics (Pics) / No, I can’t stick for a lick (No) / I’m flexin’, it’s all in my wrist (I flex).”

“Vocal Function” merges a funk-lite rhythm and tangs of pop-drill into a buoyant tune dripping with carefree energy.

A personal favorite, “Cowboy Trip (Country Drill)” travels on a fat, rumbling bassline and swirling, eerie synths, topped by a tight and right flow. Psychedelic country textures infuse the harmonics with dreamy, lysergic tones.

“Yeah, baby, this is how we roll / We rollin’ into town with nothin’ else to do / We take another lap around / Yeah, holla at your boy if you need a ride / If you roll with me, yeah, you know we rollin’ high.”

Freddie Wahter has it going on! 3Peat delivers cool, state-of-the-art sonic concoctions, drenched in R&B and pop-drill oomph.

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