Eveline Releases New Single/Music Video “Die For More”

Eveline Releases New Single/Music Video “Die For More”

Berlin-based singer-songwriter Eveline unveils her brand-new single/music video, “Die For More,” a song about the overwhelming urge to enhance ourselves according to society’s expectations – to be the best, the highest, and the most beautiful. This is the dark side of love.

Eveline explains, “We all feel pressure. We take pills to boost our performance. With little sleep and lots of work we bury our wishes under a shiny surface of broken glass.”

She goes on to add, “What is the biggest proof of your devotion? Imagine a wedding … destructed in layers of tulle, veils, rings, and flowers. Would you die for more?”

“Die For More” opens on a low-slung piano, soft yet latent with portentous tones, followed by Eveline’s delicate, exquisite voice, under splendid lilting control. A throbbing rhythm imbues the tune with a heart-like pulse.

When the harmonics ramp up, the song takes on tangs of alt-rock fused with pop flavors. The cadence increases and Eveline’s vocals take on intense timbres, imbuing the lyrics with alluring dynamism. As the song culminates, it shifts to a banging trap rhythm as Eveline slides into a tight, finessed rapping flow.

“And how could I trust you / When I can’t trust myself? / And would you die for more? / Would you die? / Cause I can hide from love / But I can’t hide / No.”

The video, directed by Philipp Boukhors, is an engaging work of art, depicting images of Eveline in a variety of costumes and hairstyles.

Eveline has it going on! Simultaneously, evocative, dark, and sumptuous, the video combined with Eveline’s superb voice delivers a mesmerizing artistic performance.

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