Black Media Businesswoman & Humanitarian Wants to Invest in Marginalized Entrepreneurs and Creators

Black Media Businesswoman & Humanitarian Wants to Invest in Marginalized Entrepreneurs and Creators

The Calynn Communications & Creative corporation isn’t just your ordinary marketing and media firm. It’s a 20-time award-winning powerhouse, fueled by the vision of Calynn M. Lawrence, a 28-year-old Chicago journalist and community relations executive. Their mission? To ignite brands of all sizes and industries with affordable advertising and publicity services, while championing inclusivity, diversity, and connections for small businesses and creatives worldwide!

Some of their most notable clients include: The Ms. International World organization, The Miss Black America organization, Chick-fil-A, the Kids Multicultural World foundation, post-apocalyptic author Marcus Richardson, and Hollywood actor Andre Bellos.

But that’s not all! Calynn Communications & Creative is the parent company to a conglomerate of stellar initiatives that are changing the game such as:

The Fresh Faces Project—a nonprofit movement, coined “a legion of potential legends,” in the news that has benefited nearly 900 people and businesses. The “Chicago Talent TV” podcast, where the spotlight shines on local rising stars. Plus, they’re behind several popular online publications with carefully curated content made for and by people of global marginalized identities like The World Times, What’s Good Weekly, Millionaires in the Making, Icons in the Now, and As Told By Calynn M. Lawrence.

In honor of Calynn’s historic win at the international Person of the Year awards as Entrepreneur of the Year and Media Professional of the Year in January 2024 (and being the youngest to achieve this), they’ve rolled out the 2024 Small Business Booster Bundle giveaway. Picture this: up-and-coming freelancers, merchants, and talented trailblazers—all vying for a prize bundle worth over $1,500 USD! What’s inside? A cash stipend, a plethora of major media coverage, and access to a comprehensive on-demand marketing and PR course taught by the CEO herself.

But wait, there’s more! This giveaway isn’t just about prizes; it’s about making a difference. The qualifications? They’re laser-focused on those whose work benefits marginalized groups i.e the BIPOC population, the LGBTQ+ community, people with disabilities, and women.

When asked why she chose this criteria, the CEO responded emphatically:

“As a black woman from the inner-city who’s spent half my life building my career in marketing, media, and public service, my commitment to the advancement of marginalized society is soul deep. Hence, I feel called to leverage my resources as a businesswoman and member of the press to highlight stories with, raise awareness about and invest into the betterment of those people. I am blessed to have had many people give me invaluable support that has enabled me to make an impact, garner a lot of praise and accolades, and even break a few world records. Thus, it is my duty to pass the torch and do my due diligence to lend a hand to my fellow artists, do-gooders and hustlers.”

So, if you’re ready to boost your business, amplify your impact, and join the ranks of your fellow changemakers, head over to The Fresh Faces Project website. The clock is ticking, and the deadline is May 31. Winners? They’ll be unveiled by June 30. Get ready to make history!

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