As December Falls gives high-energy hard-rock in their new single and music video “Mayday” and announces their new album “Join the Club”

As December Falls gives high-energy hard-rock in their new single and music video “Mayday” and announces their new album “Join the Club”

Last Friday saw rising rock band As December Falls drop their heaviest rock song to date, titled “Mayday”. The accompanying music video saw them perform in a prison, and they also announced their third studio album, “Join the Club”. This follows up their previous single “Go Away”.

As December Falls are a four-piece rock band from Nottingham, consisting of Bethany Hunter, Ande Hunter, Lukas James, and Timmy Francis. They started out in 2014 dropping their debut EP “A Home Inside Your Head” which they later took down as it wasn’t the music direction that they wanted to take. They dropped their debut single “Capture” and quickly became a popular unsigned band, building their brand and sound. The band managed to crowd-fund their new-debut EP, titled “When You Figure Out You’re Wrong, Get Back To Me”, and they’ve really gone from strength to strength, building a huge fanbase (some of whom appeared in the music video for “Mayday”), managing to gain millions of Spotify streams with “Ride” being their most-streamed song on the streaming platform to date with over 1.5 million streams, and selling out tour dates. Not to mention the fact that they have one of THE best Patreon we’ve ever subscribed to with up-to-date content, store discounts, and early exclusives as well as downloadable covers, demos, and instrumentals. This independent band is truly incredible and they clearly care for their fans. We can’t wait to watch their career progression and become a huge success.

Talking about the track, lead vocalist, Bethany Hunter said: “’Mayday’ is our heaviest track to date. It was inspired after coming out of lockdown, we were so used to being trapped in our houses that getting back to normal life and going back to socialising outside was a struggle. It’s about becoming acclimated to things that aren’t healthy for you and breaking down those walls.”

She went on to talk about the new studio album: “The album is a call to arms. We were so tired of the music industry being full of sharks and just the world in general at the moment. Everywhere you look, it’s just falling to shit. It’s about not sticking to the rules when you know there’s a better way. It’s a middle finger up to old ways, that we can do this without that bullshit. That’s why we called it ‘Join The Club’.”

Watch the music video to “Mayday” by As December Falls here:

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Written by the band themselves, with Alex Copp recording and producing the track, while Stevie Knight mixed the track at Electric Sun and Grant Berry mastered it at Fader Mastering, “Mayday” is a heavy-rock track that really allows the entire band to shine. This is much heavier than their previous releases whilst not losing the essence of As December Falls. The track even has a call-back to their second studio album “Happier” within the lyrics, it’s a clear build of frustration at the lockdown and the pandemic and the feeling of being lost when we came out of isolation. There’s no denying that the heavier sound works perfectly with the track. Bethany Hunter’s vocals are full of strength and fire whilst Ande Hunter and Timmy Francis impress on their guitars, and that drum section from Lukas James is unforgettably awesome. “Mayday” is one iconic song and a total rock favourite of ours, bring on that album – “Join the Club”.

The music video, directed by Justin Griffiths (who also acted as producer, editor, and cameraman), is set in a prison and really conveys the lockdown vibe of the track, showcasing how difficult it was for people and how we all felt stuck inside our houses – and, at times, like we were enprisoned. As December Falls easily showcases their on-stage energy which is beyond electric, right there inside the prison – we NEED to see this band perform live! There are cut scenes of various band members in some of the cells of the prison, and Bethany Hunter sings the track behind bars and in a corridor with hands reaching out to her. The ending sees their fans surround them as they perform on the ground floor of the prison. Super-charged and fired-up, As December Falls are unstoppable!

Stream their new single “Mayday” on Spotify here:

“Mayday”, by As December Falls, is available to download and stream right now on all major platforms. Their third studio album is on its way and is titled “Join the Club”. We highly recommend you sign up for their Patreon, as we really do believe it’s the best account around.

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