Ari Emanuel Calls on Kanye West’s Business Partners to Stop Working With Him

Ari Emanuel Calls on Kanye West’s Business Partners to Stop Working With Him

Ari Emanuel is encouraging businesses that work with Kanye “Ye” West to end their involvement with him following the rapper’s antisemitic remarks.

In an op-ed for the Financial Times published online Wednesday, the Endeavor CEO wrote that West’s business partners, including companies that profit off his music — such as Apple, Spotify, Adidas and his touring partners — should stop working with the star. Emanuel also said that the parent company of Parler, which on Monday announced West’s planned acquisition of the right-wing social media platform, should refuse to sell it to him.

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“West is not just any person — he is a pop culture icon with millions of fans around the world,” Emanuel wrote. “And among them are young people whose views are still being formed. This is why it is necessary for all of us to speak out. Hatred and anti-Semitism should have no place in our society, no matter how much money is at stake.”

Emanuel’s essay referenced a 2006 piece he wrote for HuffPost in which he said entertainment companies should stop working with Mel Gibson after the antisemitic remarks he made that year during an arrest for drunk driving. In his new op-ed, Emanuel explained that he has since recommended Gibson for roles following the actor’s public apology and “commitment to understanding the consequences of his actions,” and that he would be open to helping West do the same.

“We are all capable of learning and evolving, and if West would like to be educated about the history and consequences of anti-Semitism and the conspiracy theories he’s parroting, if he wants to reach out to religious leaders — including rabbis, Muslim leaders, Christian leaders — I’d be happy to help,” the mogul wrote.

Until that happens, Emanuel encouraged business leaders to speak up, and he praised his clients, LeBron James and Maverick Carter, for not running an interview with West that was recorded for talk series The Shop. Carter stated last week that the interview would be scrapped due to West’s use of hate speech.

“Those who continue to do business with West are giving his misguided hate an audience,” Emanuel added. “There should be no tolerance anywhere for West’s anti-Semitism. This is a moment in history where the stakes are high and being open about our values, and living them, is essential. Silence and inaction are not an option.”