Anna Margo Releases Lush “Bad Friend”

Anna Margo Releases Lush “Bad Friend”

Los Angeles-based pop singer-songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Anna Margo recently released her single/music video, “Bad Friend,” co-produced by Kadis.

Speaking about “Bad Friend,” Margo shares, “Up to this point, it’s the most brutally honest song I’ve ever written,” she reveals. “It isn’t heavy, but it’s more lighthearted in a cynical way. For my entire life, I’ve been more concerned with others around me, taking care of them and making sure I’m a good friend to everyone else. It’s easy to blame your environment to explain why you’re sad, but you’re actually to blame for a lot of it. The song helped me. You’ve got to be honest with yourself about your flaws and shortcoming. You also don’t hear piano solos in pop very often.”

She goes on, adding, “When I write anything, I always have a very clear idea of what I want the end result to be. If you can produce it or play those chords yourself, you’ve got an advantage. It’s so important to be self-sufficient— especially as a new artist in this industry. So, I’m trying to create a distinct sound you’ll catch immediately and know it’s me.”

While growing up, Margo listened to Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, and her “favorite” Rachmaninoff, along with film and television composers and singers such as Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion. At the age of eight, she began classical piano training. Later, she studied at Berklee College of Music.

“Bad Friend” opens on a low-slung, reflective guitar topped by Margo’s deluxe, soulful voice, imbuing the lyrics with sumptuous timbres. A fat, rolling bassline and side-stick snare provide the measured rhythm. A graceful piano solo gives the solo section flavors of both classical music and R&B.

“And I try, and I try but I don’t know why / And I lie and I lie to myself so I can sleep at night / And I try and I try and I try but it’s plain to see / I’m a bad I’m a bad I’m a bad, bad friend to me / Bad friend to me.”

Oozing plush pop savors tinted with creamy R&B, “Bad Friend” displays Anna Margo’s songwriting gift, as well as her luscious voice.

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