You Can Now Buy the “Stranger Things” Henry Creel House

You Can Now Buy the “Stranger Things” Henry Creel House

STRANGER THINGS. (L to R) Tyner Rushing as Virginia Creel, Kevin L. Johnson as young Victor Creel and Livi Burch as Alice Creel in STRANGER THINGS. Cr. Tina Rowden/Netflix © 2022

Stranger Things” fans are a dedicated bunch, but now one lucky fan (or a family of them) has a chance to take things to a whole new level — if they’ve got $1.5 million to spare. The 140-year-old house used as young Henry Creel’s home and Vecna’s lair in season four is now officially on the market.

Located at East Second Avenue in Rome, Georgia, the 6,000-square-foot Victorian-style house was built in 1882, per its listing. “You will recognize much of what has been prominently featured in the show’s fourth season, including: the majestic formal dining room where telekinesis is no longer practiced during meals; an adjoining parlor, perfect for playing Dungeons and Dragons; and a living room ideal for hosting meetings of the Hellfire Club,” the description reads.

In “Stranger Things” season four, the house was used as the set for the Creel family’s home, meaning it was the place where Henry Creel — who (spoiler alert!) would go on to become the villainous Vecna — first developed his wicked spider-worshiping ways. Later, it was the setting of the kids’ dramatic confrontation with Vecna in the season finale. Now, fans have the chance to make it their own.

The real house looks a bit different from the eerie, dilapidated building featured in the show, of course — apparently, all its plumbing, electrical systems, and roof have been replaced in the last two years. Still, the listing didn’t shy away from the house’s creepy position at the center of “Stranger Things” lore.

“Don’t be surprised if you find some residual demogorgons skulking about the property,” the listing reads. “In the event that things get too strange and even go awry, a funeral home is located nearby. Fun Fact: The home is located less than five miles from the Ford Buildings at Berry College, which provided the backdrop for the series ‘Pennhurst Mental Hospital.'”

If you’re interested in buying the house, the description concludes, “time is of the essence. So if you’re thinking about running up that hill to make the deal to become the next owners of this magnificent dwelling, don’t let the grandfather clock chime even once.”

It’s unclear whether this means that the house won’t appear in “Stranger Things” season five. Season four ended with the house splitting open and becoming a gateway between Hawkins and the Upside Down, meaning that the house — or a CGI-altered version of it, most likely — will presumably be a major plot point in “Stranger Things”‘s final chapter.