Bahubali, the Indian epic-action movie by S. S. Rajmouli, which came out in 2015, tends to match up with all time favourite, The Lion King, which is said to be directed by Jon Favreau, which came out in 1994. A mere coincidence?


Well guys, too many points are noted to be the same. After re-watching The Lion King, I bet you would get the same feeling. In my opinion, they both have the same theme. Not all the points exactly match, of course, due to the copyrights, but most of them, have some connection. Let us discuss the points I found same to Bahubali.


First of all, let us match the characters. Amarendra Bahubali(Prabhas), to me, is Mufasa. Mahendra Bahubali(Prabhas) is of course, Simba. Avanthika(Tamannah), as Nala. Bhallaldeva(Rana Duggabati) as Scar and Katappa as Rafiki. If you find any other characters matching, tell us in the comment box.


Now lets move on to the plot. First, lets talk about Bahubali. Bhallaldeva(Step-brother of Amarendra Bahubali) wants to kill Amarendra Bahubali(who is the king) and be the king himself, is successful in killing him and becoming the king, ruining the town. Everybody thinks Mahendra Bahubali, son of Amarendra Bahubali, the king, is dead. But in reality, he is saved by Sivagami, mother of Bhallaldeva. After years, Mahendra Bahubali returns and takes the revenge of his father, Amarendra Bahubali, from Bhallaldeva, his uncle. And becomes the king.

Talking of The Lion King now, Scar wants to kill Mufasa and become the king, in which he succeeds and takes the throne. Everybody thinks Simba is dead, but is saved, and walks far away from the Pride Land, in guilt. After years, he returns, takes the revenge of his father, Mufasa, from his uncle, Scar, and becomes the king.


So what do you think? Is this merely a coincidence? Or Rajmouli actually thought of The Lion King before making Bahubali… Hard to tell. I guess.

Qasim Arif