“She-Hulk” Villain Jon Bass Knows He Has a “Punchable” Face

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 15: Jon Bass attends Marvel Studios

Jon Bass loves playing the villain. “[It’s] the best,” he tells POPSUGAR.

The 33-year-old actor stars in “She-Hulk” as Todd Phelps, the obnoxious billionaire who gives us the world’s cringiest “Wakanda Forever” and turns out to be a raging misogynist hellbent on stopping She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany).

“I love it. I had so much fun,” he says of being the bad guy. “Playing the villain is so much more fun than playing the hero.” Of course, Bass has played the villain before. He explored his bad side in a role on “The Newsroom,” and he even played a jerk also named Todd on “Miracle Workers.” Bass notes that in some ways playing a bad guy “comes natural” to him. “Luckily, I don’t mind poking fun at myself or at the sort of people we’re trying to poke fun at.”

He admits, “I think sometimes I have a punchable face,” adding that it’s “slightly punchable” and “slightly likable.” He jokes, “If we delve too far into it, I might have an existential crisis.” But he says there’s something nice about playing “a real POS” and just feeling comfortable that people will react to it the right way. “It has been a nice sort of feeling to be like, ‘Wow, people really hate Todd,'” Bass explains.

But his character’s jerkiness hasn’t prevented him from having sweet encounters with fans off screen. Recalling a previous trip he took to Guatemala with girlfriend Sophia Goldfarb after the fourth episode of “She-Hulk” aired, he says, “We’re at the hotel, and my girlfriend goes, ‘Do you think anyone will recognize you from ‘She-Hulk?””

He thought it was possible but unlikely. “And then we’re at the hotel. The hostess looks up and goes, ‘Are you famous?’ And I go, ‘No, no.’ She goes. ‘Poquito?’ I go, ‘A little, yeah.’ She goes, ‘Oh, you’re from ‘She Hulk.’ I love it.'” Turns out, the hostess was actually a massive fan of the show. “And then it turned out that the whole crew at the hotel were huge fans,” he says. “They all took pictures with me. It was so fun and cute.”

Though Todd gets arrested in the “She-Hulk” finale, Bass doesn’t think that’s the last we’ve seen of him in the MCU. “I do think that there’s obviously room for Todd to come back with a huge fervor. He’s a billionaire, and billionaires don’t stay in jail for that long, as we know from recent memory,” he says. Whether Todd will be back with more illegal Wakandan artifacts, a different serum, or some other scheme up his sleeve, Bass doesn’t know — but he’s ready for it all.

All episodes of “She-Hulk” are streaming now on Disney+.