“Saturday Night Live” Parodies Kanye West’s Unannounced Skechers Visit

“Saturday Night Live” Parodies Kanye West’s Unannounced Skechers Visit

When it comes to “Saturday Night Live,” nothing and no one is ever truly off limits, and that includes Kanye West. During the show’s Oct. 29 episode, hosted by Jack Harlow, “SNL” poked fun at the 45-year-old mogul’s recent “unannounced” visit to the Skechers corporate offices in Los Angeles, which resulted in him getting escorted away from the premises.

In the spoof, titled “Skechers Commercial,” executives from the shoe company issue a response following West’s unwanted visit. “Here at Skechers, we pride ourselves on two things, making stylish, comfortable shoes at an affordable price and having zero tolerance for antisemitism,” a Skechers rep played by Cecily Strong says in the clip.

Addressing West’s several dangerous antisemitic remarks, Strong continues, “Like the rest of the country, we were appalled by Kanye’s horrific comments, and we vow to never work with him in any capacity. But can we also point out, of all the companies he could’ve approached and been rejected by, he chose Skechers.”

The skit then takes aim at Adidas for its delayed reaction in cutting ties with West before the Skechers execs once again shut down the idea of a partnership with the rapper. Skechers did actually decline a possible collaboration with West, releasing a statement that read: “Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West. We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech.”

Watch the “SNL” skit above.