Romeo’s Ex Gives Juliet a Wake Up Call in This “Rosaline” Exclusive Clip

Romeo’s Ex Gives Juliet a Wake Up Call in This “Rosaline” Exclusive Clip

Even in the 14th century, women dealt with players.

Rosaline is determined to keep Juliet away from Romeo in this exclusive new clip from Hulu’s “Rosaline.” The movie stars Kaitlyn Dever as Rosaline, the cousin of Juliet (Isabela Merced) who Romeo (Kyle Allen) thinks is his true love at the start of Shakespeare’s iconic play — until he meets and falls head over heels for Juliet. In Shakespeare’s text, Rosaline never even appears and is only mentioned by Romeo and his friends, and she’s totally forgotten by the time the action between the star-crossed lovers gets underway. But “Rosaline” explores what would happen if the young woman had actually been a jilted ex, determined to get Verona’s number-one bachelor back by her side. Watch the new clip above!

In the exclusive footage, Juliet confides in Rosaline about her new love, who she calls “the most wonderful boy in the whole world.” Rosaline is livid that Juliet met him at the Capulet masquerade ball, though she keeps her fury to herself. Juliet goes on and on about the romantic things Romeo says, adding, “You’ve never heard such poetry” — though she doesn’t reveal her suitor’s name.

But Rosaline has heard such poetry, since he used to say it all to her, and she starts quoting some of his lines back to a stunned Juliet. Juliet is floored, and Rosaline tells her that Romeo is a notorious player. “Everybody knows Romeo Montague,” Rosaline warns, letting Juliet know she’s “not the first young maiden” that he’s charmed. Juliet is bereft.

Though Rosaline plays the girl Romeo didn’t choose, she still has her own love interest in the movie, the mysterious Dario, played by “Reign”‘s Sean Teale. “Romeo and Juliet” isn’t a story known for its happy ending, but it looks like maybe someone will get one this time around.

“Rosaline” streams on Hulu on Oct. 14.