Review: Masarrat Misbah Makeup | The only Halal certified cosmetic brand of Pakistan

YES! The secret is OUT & why shouldn’t it be! The highly anticipated & talked about makeup line by Masarrat Misbah has made it’s way to the markets. We recently got our hands on to some of the most pleasingly beautiful & supremely classy products.
Before going on with our short but precise review. Here are this brand’s USP’s as advertised on the site (Unique selling prepositions) As we can truly understand that this brand mainly markets it self on being Pakistan’s only certified Halal brand which gives it an edge over other brands in a Muslim country like ours. Having no competitors at the moment, Masarrat Misbah has surely given a new direction to the local cosmetic industry & We’re sure that We’ll be seeing a lot of other brands stepping in the scene very soon.
Now, let’s find out whether this brand actually worth’s spending money or not!


First things first, it smells very nice. The formula itself is creamy and dries very fast. There is a slight sheen When you apply but it eventually dries down to a MATTE finish after just a few seconds.
It’s easy to apply and quite long lasting too. Upon our experience It lasted for about 6-7 hrs and survived the DINNER time like a true champ! Although it’s a bit hard to get it off the lips (But that’s alright, you can still fall asleep with slight lip stain on)


Just as the name indicates, It’s a wonderful matte lipstick with a scent of chocolate and velvety texture that stays for a long time giving you the perfect look you always wish for. All of the offered shades are incredible & the product it self is truly worth the money spent.


The PERFECT Eyeliner isn’t so perfect in terms of its finish and final look. It turns out to be a bit on the dull side and fractionally powdery too after application but one can surely trade it for its longevity as there isn’t any compromise in this department. It stays on No matter how many times you rub your eyes or wash your face. In some cases it can be your GO-TO eye liner. Good for a work day & equally great for a lunch with friends.


“Masarrat Misbah” makeup line is surely a great addition to the local market. Solving the problem of permissive (Halal) makeup products will always give it an edge over it’s other competitors within the country. Even if We neglect their main USP, it still offers great value for money. There’s isn’t any compromise on the quality, look & feel of the products.

Ratings: 4.5/5

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