Megan Thee Stallion Breaks Character During “Saturday Night Live” Deer Sketch

Megan Thee Stallion Breaks Character During “Saturday Night Live” Deer Sketch


During her third appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” Megan Thee Stallion joined an elite crowd of hosts who’ve pulled double duty as the evening’s performer as well — and she did so with ease. From serving up an anthem for abandoned plus-ones with the banger “We Got Brought” to her emotional “Anxiety” performance, her episode was full of highlights. Still, one of the best moments came when Megan broke character during the wonderfully silly “Deer” sketch.

Right from the start, the sketch basked in the absurd. Megan played a woman who moved to the country and was showing off her new home to her family when a deer appeared in the field outside the house. Everyone saw the deer aside from Kenan Thompson, who played Megan’s dad. Soon a rabbit appeared on the deer’s back before it eventually entered the house — all while Thompson insisted his family was just teasing him about there being a deer to see in the first place.

At first, Megan held it together despite the hilarity of the deer puppet popping up with a knife before Thompson hit it in the face. But when her “dad” said she needed to move back to the city, she struggled to hold back her giggles. Given how much of the sketch she made it through before breaking, seeing her crack up at the end made the moment even funnier.

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On Twitter, the “Sweetest Pie” rapper revealed what really made her break — and it wasn’t the outlandish deer puppet. After the show, Megan responded to a fan who tweeted, “LOVE YOU LMAOOOOO THEM LINES WAS GETTING U,” by revealing it was the wig she wore for the scene that really got to her. “This damn wig 😂,” she replied.

Ultimately, seeing Megan break character only made the random, but still hilarious, “Deer” sketch even more of a highlight in a night that was already full of sketches that hit their mark.

Image Source: Rosalind O’Connor/NBC