Launch of Imperium Fitness Studio – Rezz PR

Asad Ali Shigri and Hasan Abid Shauket launched Imperium Fitness Studio at a Red
Carpet launch hosted by Models Nattie, Sabeen and Sunny ; handled by
Islamabad’s famous PR Guru Rezz Aly Shah of Rezz PR and Events. Located in the
heart of Islamabad’s Posh F6 2 area it’s a state of the Art Gym with best trainers and
modern machinery.

Co Owner of the Studio Asad Shigri spoke at the Red Carpet “It’s a state of the art
fitness studio with the most qualified and diverse team with modern training
techniques, all coming together like never before. Hasan and I are childhood
friends. Friends seems an understatement but for lack of a better word it will have
to suffice. Like most best friends, we have both done a lot of everything together.
Sneaking out, breaking the rules, taking beatings for each other but always having
each others back.”

Back in 2008, Asad started his pro-training career and Hasan had been a licensed
amateur boxer in Canada for a similar amount of time. Both of them realised that
they have a knack for coaching and are exceptionally good at understanding how the
human body operates. They started talking to each other about their new found
passion. The conversations would continue on and off for the next couple of years.
Asad and Hasan began to realize they have a lot in common, they both like to work
with their hands (no mundane desk jobs for these two). Most importantly they were
both passionate about fitness. They started helping each other with their workouts,
teaching their art to each other. They then moved on to developing workout
programs that incorporate traditional boxing exercises with modern methods of
strength and weight training.
What they found was a recipe that could be tweaked for all genders, all ages and all
shapes and make their workouts exponentially more effective.
They both believe in hard work and quality over quantity. They insist that
everything they associate themselves with must be supreme. This is evident in
their highly impressive new studio. They also assure us that they will dedicate the
same amount effort and attention to detail for each client.

Imperium Fitness Studio
Street 25-A F-6/2 Firdous Market Islamabad