Dr. Imran Uppal, Dr. Taha Uppal and Barrister Asad Chohan Launched Chai O’Clock
in Islamabad at a Red Carpet Event at F7 Markaz. Event hosted by Models Nattie,
Tania, Sunny, Sabeen, Rida and Iram; handled by Islamabad’s very own PR person
Rezz Aly Shah of Rezz PR and Events.
A few moons back, on a chilly Saturday evening, Dr Taha Uppal and Barrister Asad
Chohan were travelling back from Lahore to Islamabad. Exhausted, they both craved
a cup of tea. Their desire to sip perfect KARAK CHAI led them to a typical Dhaba on
GT Road.

This typical desi dhaba with beautiful truck art, soothing folk music, rusted crockery,
and a cozy CHAAR PAI caught their attention.
“What a beautiful site it was” said Dr Taha.
While they enjoyed tea and spicy Pakora with spicy mint chutney, they started
remembering “good old days” their parents spoke about. How times changed. How
things were before. How people used to sit together after Maghrib at Dhabas round
the corner. How they bucked up Team Pakistan whilst sipping tea with friends. How
close they used to be with each other and what quality time meant back then.
While enjoying the gossips their parents shared, they both asked a question.
Why can we not bring “good old days” back? Why can friends not sit and enjoy life
over a cup of tea just like old times? This very thought led to the birth of brand Chai
O Clock.

“Sonay pay Sohaga” was while this idea was changing into reality, Abrar Ul Haq’s
preeto was playing in the background. That’s it. That’s when they both decided to
kick off this brand
Lo G! Abrar ki pretto became the face of their brand, and their brand became Chai O’
Reliving good memories, these friends have made an effort to bring good old days in
your life. Chai O Clock is where you can come and enjoy with families, forget all your
worries, laugh over a cup of tea, shed a few fun tears over Spicy Patakha Chicken,
get carried away with special and succulent Balai Paratha or get stuffed with Mighty
Undertaker Burger.
A Must for all …

Address : Union Gold Mall , Ground Floor, Opposite Flower Market . F-7 Markaz