Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell All but Confirm “Good Burger 2”: “It’s Closer Than It’s Ever Been”

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell All but Confirm “Good Burger 2”: “It’s Closer Than It’s Ever Been”

Once again, Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell are teasing fans that a “Good Burger” sequel is happening after months of fanning the flames of speculation.

The first sign a follow-up film was in development was a really strong hint from Thompson himself. The “Saturday Night Live” veteran teased his hopes for a second “Good Burger” film during an August appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

“I know this is a little cryptic here,” Fallon said, referencing one of Thompson’s recent social media posts during his Aug. 17 appearance. “At the bottom, it says, ‘Sup wit that part two?’ . . . Are you saying that ‘Good Burger 2’ is happening?” Eh, not quite. Thompson responded, saying, “I would like it to,” before elaborating. “We’re working harder on it than ever, so it’s about meeting the numbers, letting them numbers match up,” he explained.

At that point, nothing was set in stone yet, including Thompson’s ideas for the sequel, but he still shared some potential storylines. “I feel like Kel [Mitchell], Ed’s character should have a million kids and then I’m coming out of jail for something that he put me in jail for,” Thompson jokingly shared with the audience.

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It seems those sequel plans have been solidified, however, because during Thompson’s hosting gig at the 2022 Emmy Awards on Sept. 12, Kel Mitchell made a surprise appearance during one of Thompson’s bits. While it was short and sweet, the pair hugged and then danced together in their iconic “Good Burger” style. Just as the show went to commercial break, Thompson exclaimed, “The sequel coming at you!”

Two months later, on Oct. 23, Thompson all but confirmed the sequel, telling Entertainment Tonight that the team behind it is this close to making it happen. “It’s gonna happen, and I think it’s gonna happen soon,” he told the publication. “We’re gonna figure out when the pocket of time will be to shoot it, but it’s gonna happen . . . It’s closer than it’s ever been, so I don’t think anything is gonna derail it.” Thompson added, “We had a reading, like a little private thing just to hear the script that we’ve been working on, out loud — just with a couple friends and a couple people from Paramount and Nickelodeon, and it was so funny.”

Days later, on Oct. 26, Thompson and Mitchell both posted a video snippet of the “Good Burger 2” script on Instagram. “Now we’re cooking! 🥣🍔 table read went really good! Good vibes! Good Laughs, Good Burgers!” they wrote.

Thompson and Mitchell starred in their 1997 kids’ comedy as two goofy friends, Dexter and Ed, who spend their summer working at a local fast-food joint. The two reflected on the movie’s success on July 25 in a 25th-anniversary tribute shared on Instagram.

“25 years ago today great customer service was born‼️ Welcome to Goodburger Home of the Goodburger Can I take your order⁉️” they wrote in a caption. “Happy 25th Goodburger!!! I love this movie and everyone who worked on it!! So proud to be a part of something so many generations of people have come to love as well!!! ‘Sup wit that Part 2?! 👀🙌🏾 @iamkelmitchell @nickelodeon @paramountpics @josh_serv.”

“Good Burger” started as a hilarious “All That” sketch, led by Mitchell, but quickly turned into a nostalgic hit that fans still clamor over to this day. “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” is just one of many memorable quotes from the movie, so hearing it once more in the sequel will be a real treat for ’90s kids.