Kelly Rowland’s Black Dress Has the Most Unique Chest Cutouts

Kelly Rowland’s Black Dress Has the Most Unique Chest Cutouts

Kelly Rowland knows how to blend modern and classic elements to create a perfectly balanced look. For the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in New York City on Nov. 1, the singer wore a fitted, black gown by LaQuan Smith. The main details of her floor-length dress from the New York-based designer consisted of several cutouts, which added a modern and sexy flair to the simple gown.

The first two cutouts were right below her shoulders, on either side of the mock neckline that narrowed into the y-shaped fabric covering her chest. Contrasting the large cutouts on the bodice, the long sleeves almost looked like a shrug, seamlessly blending into the rest of the gown along the sides. To add a bit more dimension, the dress also featured a third, much smaller cutout right across her sternum.

For the most part, the negative space on the back of the gown mirrored the large, symmetrical ones from the front. But instead of emulating the third cutout from the front, the back of the dress featured a concealed zipper aligned with a leg slit right down the center.

Rowland played up the dress’s modern details with subtle, but futuristic silver accessories like her lucite L’afshar top-handle purse reminiscent of a crushed mirror, and stacked rings from Delfina Delettrez.

To contrast the smooth, skin-tight silhouette of the gown, Rowland’s hair had tons of height and volume. The ends of her hair flared out at the bottom, giving the hairstyle an old Hollywood feel.

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