Cravings , a Burgers and Steaks Restaurant was launched at a Red Carpet launch hosted by Models Natasha Hussain, Nosheen, Zara and Sabeen and handled by Islamabad’s most famous PR person Rezz Aly Shah of Rezz PR and Events. Located in the heart of Islamabad’s Posh F7 area, the glamourous launch with socialites, media, bloggers and well wishes in attendance.


Two friends Suhaib Yaseen and Naveed Zafar coming from the real estate and builder backgrounds teamed up to open Cravings — a new addition to the burger joints in Islamabad.

Owners told the media at the launch “We have known each other for so long 12 solid years , we used to meet on and off what triggered this thought was that meeting after 1 year even while eating we used to just sit and enjoy our food the only motivation for us to meet was if any new eatery opened in Karachi or Lahore we used to Make a plan n meet there with the key words cravings for sandwich cravings for burgers and at the end of our food outing if happy with the food we used to text each other Craved.

Sarah. Rezz & Juju

Then at one of our outings we were unable to find a good sandwich and were so disappointed that Naveed said let’s open up our own set up then at least many others can benefit from it, This was just a thought after a week Naveed called Me and asked Me to come see him at Jinnah super In My Mind I had Jessie k burger went to the spot saw Naveed standing in front of an abandoned shop (used to be English shoes) with a bunch of paperwork in his hand first was a partnership deed second was already agreement of the the property I was taken by surprise but knew the passion for food is worth anything that would come Our way so started the story of cravings

Plus our food is close to the taste we each crave for comfort food with an edge of chef”ism “

VENUE :  12-D, Kandan Plaza, Bhittai Road F-7 Markaz Islamabad