Chit Chat With Jan Hakon Erichsen

Today we are presenting to you the interview of a person who does what he likes. But what he does is really interesting, and dangerous too. The person is Jan Hakon Erichsen from Oslo, Norway. We will peek into his life and let you guys know about his work.

Q1. Where do you belong to?

I´m a Norwegian artist based in Oslo

Q2. What motivated you to do this work?

I´ve been working with destruction and danger in my art for as long as I can remember, but it was often in time consuming projects, which I was getting more and more tired of. One day I just wanted to try to pop a balloon with a simple device, just for fun and something just clicked. I decided to share it with my friends on Instagram and it has just escalated from there.

Q3. How long since you’ve been doing this?

I´ve been making these short Instagram videos for a little bit more than a year now.

Q4. Don’t you feel afraid while doing these dangerous tasks?

Usually the things I do look more dangerous than they really are and I´m in control of all the elements, so I can´t really hurt myself as long as I stay calm, but sometimes what I´m doing still feels very sketchy and I am a bit afraid and I think that it shows in those videos.

Q5. Which organization do you do this for?

I only work for myself.

Q6. What is your dream project?

I hope that in the future I will have the opportunity to work on bigger and more elaborate destruction machines. Very complex structures, to destroy very simple things.

Q7. What do you like the most about your work?

I like that it´s so intuitive and that the path from idea to finished work is so short.

Broken arm, during recording a task.

Q8. Whats your favourite part of working on these videos?

It´s when everything actually works out and what I´m trying to destroy gets destroyed.

Q9. Who’s the person behind the camera?

I put the camera on a tripod and film everything myself. I´m a one person operation.

Q10. What do you feel about the offensive comments on your posts?

I was a bit surprised in the beginning that people could become so upset over my videos, but now I think it´s mostly funny and just part of getting noticed.

Q11. Any inspirations?

I´m very inspired by early video and performance artists like Bas Jan Ader and Rebecca Horn.

Q12. A message to the youth of Pakistan?

I would like to say to Pakistani Youth that if you are really passionate about what you do, someone is going to like it!

Q13. A few Words of wisdom.

I´m more a doer than a thinker, if you stop to think everything through, nothing gets done!

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