The Real Chikachino is finally back in the city!

After years of success of the Islamabad landmark Restaurant Tuscany Courtyard
and Chikachino Brand of Cafes, Dr. Aamir Rashid launched another project
CHIKACHINO FLAGSHIP CAFE at a Red Carpet launch hosted by Models Nattie,
Sabeen, Zoya, Zainab, Sunny and Amina; handled by Islamabad’s most famous PR
person Rezz Aly Shah of Rezz PR and Events and Miradore Productions.

Located in
the heart of Islamabad’s Posh F7 area behind Kabul Restaurant , the glamorous
launch had the main road blocked as Islooites rushed to get inside. There is seating
outside and inside in the two story container designed building for those who want
to take in the view and weather which is a trend in the upscale area for cafes and
restaurants.Years back on a crisp Sunday evening, Dr Aamir was seated on the veranda of
Tuscany Courtyard, reminiscing about how he had started Tuscany so many moons
ago and how it had now become synonymous with quality food and exquisite
service. As the cool breeze started to rise, he found himself craving for a delicious
cup of tea. His mind raced to recall where in Islamabad he could get tea, which
would revitalize, rejuvenate and refresh him. At this moment, he realized that even
after years in the F&B industry, he had not once come across a top tier tea outlet in
Islamabad, one which he would rave about to his friends and family.
With the craving for tea still surging, Dr Aamir went to Tuscany’s Kitchen and told his
chef to make him tea. In an attempt, to get good tea made, he instructed the chef
“chik ke rakhna”. Once the tea came, it looked a beautiful khaki color, this is where
the word “chino” was derived from. The result was a marvel and a tea drinkers’
delight. This was the Eureka moment when Dr Aamir realized he had developed the
tea of teas and based on his instructions of “chik” combined with the type of tea
“chino”, came the name CHIKACHINO.
In one fateful day, Dr Aamir had developed a brand in his mind, but fate was not
done yet. He made it part of the menu at Tuscany and the tea was an instant
success, with raving reviews. It was this tremendous response that finally made Dr
Aamir launch his idea into a restaurant, where you now stand – CHIKACHINO. The
tea still continues to be a part of the Tuscany Menu and is a regulars’ favorite to
date. The new Hot items at the Flagship Café include Breakfast menu and the
Famous Tawa Chicken, Chicken Hyderabadi and Butter Chicken apart from the
regular all day yummy menu.