A visual delight you can’t miss! | Review of “HUA KUCH YOON”

So it’s that moment of the year when the highly adored theater production team “KopyKats” brings their signature play to Islamabad & this time its “Hua Kuch Yoon” Written by Sajid Hassan & Directed by The maestro, Dawar Mehmood. So, Hua… Continue Reading

3 Questions to Meesha Shafi!

If you aren’t alien, you would’ve surely seen the news which’s right now the No#1 trend in Pakistan. Yes I’m talking about Meesha Shafi’s sexual harassment allegations towards her fellow colleague Ali Zafar. Though it isn’t something new in terms… Continue Reading

Bollywood’s star maker, Karan Johar “Slays it all” | Exclusive Interview @ Classy Capital Mag

Q. Have you always been so amazingly confident & talkative? How was your childhood? Ans: Oh, no not at all… I was awkward, I was shy & extremely introvert in terms of so many parts of my persona. I got… Continue Reading

The newest heartthrob of Pakistan, Ahad Raza Mir in conversation with Classy Capital Mag.

Q1- When was your very first appearance on television(or theatre)? Ans. Grade 8th, Karachi, Shakespeares Play. Q2- How is it like having such a great personality as your father(Asif Raza Mir)? Ans. Its great! Baba is a big support to… Continue Reading