Bollywood’s star maker, Karan Johar “Slays it all” | Exclusive Interview @ Classy Capital Mag

Q. Have you always been so amazingly confident & talkative? How was your childhood?

Ans: Oh, no not at all… I was awkward, I was shy & extremely introvert in terms of so many parts of my persona. I got confidence once I joined the industry, started making films, loving what I do & doing what I love.

Q. Have you ever thought that you’d become a successful film maker, someone people would regard as a Bollywood’s star maker.

Ans: No! I never thought that I might become a film maker but I sure knew that I’d be one filthy famous guy. I just wanted to be famous, thats all. I always wanted people to pose with me & paparazzi to follow me. I just love this vibe.

Q. You’re 45 years old, making films for last 19 years but you’ve only made 6 movies till now. Do you think it’s a cool kind of track record?

Ans: No! It’s terrible; it just comes from the fear of failure. I just don’t want to fail; I just can’t stand the heat of criticism because of my self-developed, self-pampered ego & sense of self-importance. It’s high time that I should accept that nothing is bigger than the cinema; nothing is more powerful than the audience & should start making a lot more movies.

Q. Which is your most creatively satisfying movie till date?

Ans: My name is Khan, as it had so much of me in an uncomfortable zone. It was extremely difficult for me to pull that off. I know it has some poorly executed chapters & I do accept it but even then I’m glad I was able to make such a film.

Q. What do you like the most about film making?

Ans: The best part about being a film maker is that you’re GOD. You create a world, you create characters, you craft stories & then you play with them just the way you want.

Q. We know you love Fawad Khan, When are we watching Fawad Khan being directed by you again?

I knew I’ll have to answer such question. See, I have a great regard for fawad and other talent that comes from Pakistan and I wish they could find the best platform to showcase the class & caliber they possess but unfortunately you all know what I went through during the promotions & release of “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” & I never want to go through the same circumstance ever again. It made me feel sad, vulnerable, weak & victimized. I just don’t want to relive the fear that my movie wouldn’t be allowed to release in my own country after all I’m a producer who’s accountable not only to the artist within me but also to my studio, my audience & the people who invest in my films.Karan Johar

Q. What do you have to say to people who say you keep making romantic dramas all the time?

Ans: Usko wohi aata hai. [That’s all he knows.] When have I said I was versatile? The other day, my mother and I got into an argument. Someone asked me, “Karan, why don’t you make a thriller?” My mother answered for me. “He can’t make a thriller. He doesn’t like them.” I got defensive. I said, “How do you know? If someone gives me a really great script, I could make it.” She said, “I don’t think you’ll be good at it.” My mother is somebody who grounds me on a daily basis. She doesn’t think I am capable of anything.

Q. You’ve spoken a lot about your desi influences. What are your favorite international films?

Ans: Dead Poets Society moved me. When Harry met Sally,Amélie, The Shawshank Redemption. Everything Almodóvar made. Everything. Also, Woody Allen. Deep love. Intense love. I was at an airport lounge and I saw him there. I went up and said I was a filmmaker from India and a huge fan and can I have an autograph. He looked at me, and after a beat, he said no. I love that I was snubbed by Woody Allen. I will always hold that against him, but I will continue to love him. It’s another instance of one-sided love. I love Iñárritu’s work even though I didn’t like The Revenant. I love Cuarón.

Q. Do you think an Oscar is a necessary goal for Indian cinema?

Ans: I’d love to win one, but I’m not going to chase it. I don’t know how to. But I want to make that speech. I’m so dying to say, “This one is for you, India.” I want to be in my tuxedo and have that big tear coming out of my eye, because it will come. I don’t know if I will live to have this dream come true, but I know that speech. I have practiced it many times in my head.

Q. So have you got in the bag for us in terms of your upcoming movie?

Ans: Could be anything. Not a thriller. Because my mother doesn’t believe I can make it. But just to prove her wrong, I might.

Q. We know you’re quite emotional? Who’re those lucky people with whom you have a super emotional bond with?

Ans: There are 4, my mother, my children, SRK & my home, the production house “Dharma”

Q. You became father of two beautiful kids last year, tell us something about that experience?

They’ve come as a gift, a ray of hope in a dark & dusty world. Roohi and Yash have really changed my life. They are essentially my greatest blockbusters till now. They’re just too fab and everything they do is eat, rest, burp, moan and crap. Kabhi khushi, kabhie gham! My universe was Dad, Mom and movies. However, now there are Roohi and Yash. My two new companions.Karan Johar

Q. How’s your relationship with Shahrukh Khan ? As we believe, you’ve spent more time with Him then gauri, his better half!

Hahaha! That’s absolutely right! Well, he’s amazing, he’s family. What do I say, we had this superb journey together that started off as friends, went into brotherhood & then went into a complete family. Now he’s just my one stop shop for emotions, care & affection. I’m a family to his family & I know I’d be the first person who’d get a call from his son, wife or daughter if they ever face a problem in his absence. I haven’t developed this Rishta with any other actor I have worked with.Karan Johar

Q. What are the kind of re tweets you wake up with?

Ans: I’m sorry darling but you won’t be able to publish them, they’re like Madarch**d, Stay silent homo, wapis jaa ! India ko chorr, I just wanna ask them bhaee where to go ? LOL

Tell us something about your love life?

Sadly I never had any; I was only exposed to pain & sorrow of one sided love. Those who I loved & cared never reciprocated the feelings, never even acknowledged them but then again I believe they’re the reason why my movies offer intense love, emotions & heartbreaks because there’s always some part of me in each film I make.Karan Johar

Q. Would you like to add something to the much talked about Kangana Ranaut’s controversy?

Ans: Nopes, I won’t. I actually regret that I talked about her earlier. That’s not the way I’ve been raised. I was raised to be courteous, forgiving, loving & respectful!

Q. How do you see your production house?

Ans: Dharma is my home, dharma is my life. It’s my child whom I’ve raised with great love, care & pampering. If there’s anything I can’t compromise on then it should definitely be my production house


Which would you choose? A hit or a non-performing film that makes people call you a great filmmaker?

A hit.

Complete this sentence. If I woke up and found myself poor, I would…


Shah Rukh Khan is in a career crisis. True or false?

False. He is in a career metamorphosis.

Fawad Khan or Ranbir Kapoor

I would always go for Fawad ! He’s hotter.

Katrina or Alia ?

Always Alia !

Shopping or Sleeping


Filmfare or Vouge better magazine ?

Filmfare !

Being Poor or Being Handicapped

Being Handicapped

Most exciting moment of life

When I lost my virginity in my late 20s. 26 to be exact!

Something you can’t even do for saving your life.

Oh! Singing a song!

Worst lie you’ve ever told

Many, fake compliments, lying to people that I liked their movie when I actually didn’t.

If not a filmmaker, what would you be?

A fashion designer.

What was your biggest dream growing up?

To be famous.

What would you do if you wake up as Kangana Ranaut ?

Nothing, I would just sleep again. –

What would you do if you wake up as Rakhi Sawant ?

I’d suicide.

Making movies or Making money ?


If you were get a chance to slap 3 people without disclosing your identity, whom would they be ?

Darling, I won’t get such a chance in my life but yes If I answer this I won’t get a turn over on my birthday either. So I’d rather pass this “Taylor-swiftly”

We’d like you to give a message to your fans and followers residing back in Pakistan?

I love you all, Thanks a bunch for admiring, appreciating & adoring me for so many years. I just wish that the relationship between the two countries get better & stronger as it would make us more creatively liberated in order to witness a brighter dawn of tomorrow.

Lastly, thanks a million Karan for taking time out from your super busy schedule for Classy Capital Mag, It was a pleasure knowing more about you.

You welcome but frankly I’m not busy at all lol! I’m not making a film at the moment neither I’m dancing on a reality show.


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