A visual delight you can’t miss! | Review of “HUA KUCH YOON”

So it’s that moment of the year when the highly adored theater production team “KopyKats” brings their signature play to Islamabad & this time its “Hua Kuch Yoon” Written by Sajid Hassan & Directed by The maestro, Dawar Mehmood.

So, Hua kuch yoon that everyone surrounding us started calling their references for “FREE PASSES” 😀 but We went against the media norm and purchased the tickets, (yes We did) since We wanted to know if it actually worths spending money on. So, our review gonna be based on real facts & yes the value you deserve for you “HAQ HALAL KE KAMAI”

While taking the steps into the amazing “PNCA” (The venue) We had mixed feelings, on one side We were worried about some of the negative feedback we read regarding the play & on the other it was the anticipation for the craft team, Kopy Kats was about to present.


Play revolves around 2 kids Qurat-ul-Ain & Raja Mahmood, the two survivors of Jallianwala Bagh & their tragic love story projected over the span of 8 decades. It chronicles the events of partition & history, merging them in a wonderful journey of nostalgia.


Having seen all of their plays, let it be “Powney 14 August”, “Siachen” or “Bananistan” We can safely say, this has been their most visually satisfying show they’ve managed to put up so far. Just to support our argument, there are over 10 set changes in a 90 minutes play (You won’t even realize when & how they change them in a blink of an eye) Another + point is the 4D immersive experience it offers, where the actors aren’t just performing on the stage but also within the audience and alot more of such surprises which We would want you to explore yourself. (Yes, it feels great to be a part of the scene) along that, have you ever heard of a play where it Rains on theater’s set? Not really naa, but Dawar’s fab direction makes it all look so easy!

Now coming to the important part, the story, pace & the acting.

TBH We’ve really liked the way writer, Sajid Hassan has narrated the story. Yes it does lack that Anwar Maqsood’s wits & one liners kopykats is famous for but ultimately the play comes out as a winner because of some super strong performances from most of the actors. To be precise, the lead characters “Saad Farukh Khan as Young RAJAFareeha Raza as young AINITaha as VANKET are the show steal. When it comes to the pace of the play, It’s a bit on the slower side, some scenes feel dragged & uncalled for but even then, it keeps itself alive through the vibrant vibes it surrounds you with.

Final Verdict:

Don’t expect “Hua Kuch Yoon” to be a “Jughat Baazi” entertainer! Let’s ditch your friends & take your family along since It’s a play that has to be felt from the deepest core of heart & If you could actually feel it’s intensity. It would make you laugh, cry & chant “WOW BOYS! CHAA GAYE HO” while giving a standing ovation.

“A visual delight you can’t miss!”

Rating: 3.5/5