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5 Reasons why we absolutely love Rezz Aly Shah ❤

5 Reasons why we absolutely love Rezz Aly Shah ❤

Ever wondered why people of Islamabad adore their very own PR & Fashion icon, Rezz Aly Shah & How he’s still managing to be on the top of his game even after a decade & a half of being in this highly competitive industry? Well, here are the 5 reasons why We’ve fallen for him & We’re sure by the end of this article you’d also be an admirer of this amazing professional.


1. Hardwork

Even after 15 years of getting the job done in the most professional manner he still works relentlessly hard over his craft & leaves no stone unturned for his clients. Stays at the venue from dawn to dusk making sure that every aspect of the event is picture perfect & this is the prime reason why we call him the master of his art (Maestro).

2. Hospitality

Rezz is big at heart & sublime in nature with a super EQ. Makes every guest of his feel so special through his warmth & personality. You just can’t help yourself but get all glammedup to dazzle at the events managed by him.

3. Aesthetics & Photography

He has great aesthetic sense & exceptional photography skills that can make anyone look the best version of themselves at anytime of the day through his iphone’s lens (Yes! Low light is never an issue with Rezz & his gadgets).  He’s tech-savy & always has some great tips to give around photography which we really enjoy.

4. Sense of Humor

Well! Rezz has a great sense of humor that makes him the life of a party. He has a skill of making any conversation FUN with his witty replies & repartee. He’s fab at voice modulation & can also mimic accents better than anyone.

5. Fighter

He’s a fighter who never gives up. A one man army who stands against all odds & proves his haters, doubters & competitors wrong every single time. Despite of losing his dad at an early stage of life, personal issues & health problems he stands tall & looks up with pride, class & dignity every minute, every hour, everyday. Here’s wishing our very favorite, Rezz. A very happy Birthday. Stay Same CHAMP!